Thursday, February 25, 2016


During this winter's first packable snowfall, Maizey and I built this masterful snow lady - Millie or Lily - depending on when you ask.

I sent the photo to family and Uncle Paul responded, "That's a championship snowman."

I read his text to Maizey, who asked to see the picture of the "Champagne and chip snowman."

I showed her the above shot and she said more forcefully, "NO, MOM - the CHAMPAGNE and CHIP snowman..."

LOL. The girl loves language.

The same afternoon, Will picked Lucy up from school.

When she saw his briefcase in her car seat she promptly asked him to move his "work purse."

(Pictured here - taken last night - riding a bumblebee, pulling a vacuum and pushing a stroller.)

Life is definitely not dull.