Sunday, November 22, 2015


gobble gobble

Please excuse my abrupt departure from the blogosphere. I opted for the opposite of an Irish goodbye. Which, as you know, is kind of my M.O.

The reason?

There was simply nothing to blog about. Nothing to write about. No photos to post. My/our life/lives have been boring, boring, boring.

Yep. Humdrum. Lame.

But, I miss blogging. And more than that, I miss having a record of my crazy, good, sometimes sob-inducing life. It seems the long crazy days will truly do culminate in short crazy years, and my addled mom/wife/daughter/friend/sister/entrepreneur/person brain isn't up for memorializing or logging the every day, which really, is the important shit. Right? So, as we head into Thanksgiving week, I am stopping to profess my thankfulness. For my health. For my children. For my best friend. For my family. For my busy life.

In the coming months I hope to revive Enlarging Marge, at least a little, so that I can remember exactly what I spent these crazy days doing, and how good they really were.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

She sleeps!

Lucy must read the blog. Either that, or I'm a sleep training ninja. Probably the latter.

"smile, lucy."

YAY for an four time consecutive all night sleeper, after 6 a.m. waker!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lucky Lovely Lucy

Oh, Lucy. Poor darling second child. I'd feel awful for abandoning the blog if you didn't shoulder some of the blame. Because, my dear, you don't sleep. Not well at least. Just okay. You don't want to miss out on anything. (Not that I blame you, but honestly, at 2 a.m. not much is shaking in Milford.)

 But, that said, you are awesome at 18 months.

You have a succinct vocabulary:
"Uh-Oh" - uttered when you remove your shoes and socks
"Bubbuhs" - indicating you want some suds with your nightly soak
"Hi" - in your case, works for both coming and going
"Moor" - everything else (except "Mama" and "Dada")

You've also mastered a variety of animal noises and can identify nearly every creature in your multiple animal books. By pointing. And grunting.

You LOVE your dog.

You LOVE yogurt and cookie crisp.
(which is in our house as a result of a grocery store bribe - and the bribee has now lost interest. lucky you.)

You LOVE your sister.

You LOVE my boobs.

You don't love stickers on your feet or hair ties in your pockets.

Favorite activities are anything fine-motor, or Maizey-related.

You are funny and lovely and we are lucky to have you.

Just please, start sleeping.