Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cooperation, clacking and cake crashing

The post's title sum up the themes of Lucy's first birthday party on Sunday, September 21.

She cooperated with her sister while opening gifts (nĂ© - observed while Maizey opened)... 

 She clacked on a $4 computer keyboard gift ordered from Amazon (just like mom's),

and her new noise making glockenspiel (or to you non-hipsters "xylophone")...

And finally, crashed her smash cake...

 (with a little help from sister sister.)

Girl after my heart.

Thanks to all her guests: birthday twin Grandma Katie, Grandpa Bill, Gemma, tireless Uncle Paul, Aunt Jane, Uncle Joe, green-bean-salad wielding Aunt Robin, garbage man Jack, Ryan, Marc, Jaclyn, Dad, Kip and Maizey!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blades of steel

Last weekend Maizey donned skates for her first Lakeland Ice Arena Snow Plow Sam course. Attempting to avoid potpourri parenting (and swimming was a non-negotiable), we made her choose between skating, dance and gymnastics. Much to my surprise, she chose skating. Two Play-It-Again-Sports stops later, we had a slightly large pair of  pink-laced, size 8 hockey skates.

Friday evening I gathered last winter's gear together (poor girl's being split in half by her 2T snowpants) and packed a tote, and at 8:30 a.m. off we went - M&M.

Considering she's never worn skates before, she was amazingly steady while standing and walking...on the mats.

(Though she kept laughing hysterically and jabbering about her "tippy" feet.)

On the ice, well, after being "deposited" at her "station,"

She got a little assistance,
and then spent most of the time like this:

   But, hey, she seemed happy about it!

One cut lip (but no tears) and 25 minutes later I met her at the boards.

Stay tuned for regular progress reports.

Monday, September 8, 2014

11 Month Lu

Today, Lucy is two weeks shy of her one year birthday. Two weeks ago, on the exact day of her 11 month birthday, I snapped these...

How is she? Well, today, sick. Two consecutive nights of non-sleeping sass (including pterodactyl protests). But, when I took these photos, she was fab. She has six (non-consecutive) teeth. Stands up on her own from a seated position. We're at two steps and hoping once we get through this sick patch, two turns into multiple. She is obsessed with everything Maizey. If Maizey is eating cereal, Lucy wants to eat cereal. If Maizey is reading books, Lucy wants to read the same books.

So far her big sis has been very tolerant, even when Lucy yanked a dime sized clump of fine blonde hair from Maizey's little head during a chariot-aided bike ride. (From now on Lucy will be biking solo in the IBERT while Maizey claims the entire chariot. Youch!)

Other loves besides Maizey? Her pacifier(s) which she jams into her maw with attitude when upset. Books, especially ones with animal photographs and flaps. Making noise - banging blocks together, shaking bells, playing the spoons. Climbing into chairs. Standing on chairs. Pointing at something then yowling when you don't hand her the correct object. Imitating laughter. Clapping. Waving. Music and dancing. Oh, and eating sand from the sandbox, and the subsequent baths! Girl is a water baby.

She makes me happy, happy. Most of the time. (wink...)

p.s. It's nice to be back on the blog.