Monday, July 28, 2014

Maizey's Birthday Poster!

Coming soon to a store near you!
(The poster, not the kid.)


Where did the last three years go?
But simultaneously, what was our life before Mary Elizabeth?

Here are some shots from Week One.

(I spy Owen. Remember that crazy mother f+*&%?)

My first day alone with you. Dad went to Ann Arbor to get his hair(s) cut and pick up the stroller. We tested  out life as we know it now (sans Lu).


Lots of sleeping in Week One. Not so much in the following three years.
If only I'd known...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Document the good

Though exhausted last night, I made myself write down a quick summary of the day. Because it was a day that invoked parenting joy.

(Good thing too, since this morning was a doozie.)

Lucy yesterday? We sang happy birthday (ten months) and she pointed and laughed. She loved sitting in the highchair at the restaurant, taking in the madness known as Pebbles. New fave food? Beets. And pita bread. (From my salad.) She's slept through the night for the past week. She's getting her top two eye teeth... Like Bunnicula. No top centers. She waves but usually ends up waving to herself (working on flipping the hand around.) Summarily: happy and great. And LOVES bath time.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tutor Time Teddy Bear Portraits

Finally got to see school pics from Ann Arbor Tutor Time.

I'm too cheap to spend $100 on the digital photo (background color?) but think it's cute nonetheless. Even with teddy bears dancing across their faces.

How different does Lucy look now though?
March 2014

July 2014

(No wonder they looked into macrocephalis.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I love Lucy.

My dear second born has gotten the short end of the blogging shtick. And she shouldn't. Because she is fabulous. At nearly 10 months, she's completely and utterly delectable. Silly. Boisterous. Yet sweet, turning her head into my shoulder when confronted by outsiders post-nap. White blonde fuzz sprouts from her now-proportioned head. Clear blue eyes. Two jagged bottom teeth.

I shouldn't be writing. I should be sleeping. Or showering. Or brushing my teeth. But tonight, after my baby nursed in her darkened room, and then rocked to sleep, her body limp and heavy on my entire torso, I felt emotional. I needed to write this down. This love. Her forehead damp with bathwater and sweat. Rythmically suckling her green soothie. Heavy. Long. Perfect.

She's wonderful.