Monday, April 28, 2014

Kensington Egg Hunt Bonus: '13 AND '14

Last year we attended with Kensington Egg Hunt with Grandma Betty. When I readied a post on this year's hunt, I realized I never added last year's pics. So, here they are... 

Only 365+ days ago.

And this year.

We were minus Grandma, but plus Lucy. (And, + the Machnacks.)


Holy time flies.

From aided searching to independent park dancing.

 And so happy.

Example 3215 of the statement: "the longest, shortest time."

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lucy and The Bunny

Like Maizey, Lucy was introduced to E. Bunny by Grandpa Bill, at Fountains in Clarktson. 

Though two months younger than her sis was at the time of the intro,
she shared her sister's reaction.
Why, hello.

 Ummm, Grandpa?... Who IS this? Or rather, WHAT is this?


Oh yeah - Maizey was there too...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Bloopers

We polished up so well on Easter we had to get attempt a family photo.

Epic fail. 

But at least we tried, Mom.

(On a high note, at least this settled my personal bangs/no-bangs debate. Bangs. Fo' shore. To the salon I go.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sticky Six on Seven

The fact that I'm posting Lucy's six month Sticky Bellies pics on her seven month birthday sums up our life. Always playing catch-up. That said, what about this cutie?

Actual shots were taken late - at six months, 18 days.

Birthday news? At seven months, Lucy is soooo close to crawling. Actually, she does crawl. Only in reverse. And then gets stuck against _______ (insert furniture/wall name). Two teeth are breaking through her bottom gum. Maizey interacts with her sans my urging, as Lucy finds her hilarious. (If Maizey as much as looks at her she flaps and babbles. Peels of laughter. Which is heart-warming. And dealing with a jerky toddler means my heart needs a lot of warming.) She still wakes 2x/night, but is doing great in her own room/bed. Her favorite food is bananas, delivered via a mesh feeder. (A sanitary mom's nightmare. Thank goodness I'm a germie.) Other faves? Sweet potato fries, sweet potato mush and watermelon. Unfaves? Pears & rice cereal. She loves the stroller and no longer requires the car seat adapter. In fact, she abhors it. Girlfriend wants to sit up and look around. (Maizey, when asked during pre-dinner what Lucy is thankful for usually answers, "The wide world." True that.) She makes me wistful that my baby days are waning. But as Will says, "Better to end on a high note."

p.s. And just so I don't forget my latest Maizey-ism... last night I overheard her tell Will, during bedtime, "Dad, I think you're a genius."

Friday, April 18, 2014

Out with Uncle Paul

Happily, being in Ann Arbor meant we saw Uncle Paul a titch more often than typical. Not only did he and his friend Sam tag-in on babysitting duty prior to running an Ann Arbor half marathon, he joined us for jaunt downtown and a post-race nosh at what became our favorite Sunday spot, The Jolly Pumpkin. (Before carrying on Campaign Manager duties for State Senate canidate Ryan Fishman.)

"Hey Maizey, want a free mattress?"

Brothers and sisters.

 He even pushed UP the hill post-13.1 miles.

Lucy took a turn in a big girl high chair.

And spent most of the meal oggling her sis.

Even during a serious post-water-spill Will lecture.

Paul to the rescue lightened the mood.

He even indulged her "RUN! It's a BEAR!" obsession...

 While Dad watched. And Mom captured.