Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daily grind

Just another typical day at 337 Crazy Town. Woke up to Lucy squwaking at 5 in the Bjorn travel crib next door to my bed, demanding floor exercise coaching (i.e. crawling warm-ups) and refreshment (i.e. boob), while Will showered in the "is that a fan or a Learjet?" bathroom.

Floor exercises in "the green room" from 5:30-6:57, called away by child M mere seconds after powering up the tube in hopes of catching a few minutes of Matt Lauer/Al Roker banter. First thing she says upon entering her room, "Who's watching TV? Somebody turned on the TV. Did you turn on the TV? I heard the TV. The ding when it turns on." Mind you, I killed it before getting her from her closet crib. But, she marched right in, did a sweep and declared, "Must have been Lucy and Kip. Oh well. Can I watch Scooby Doo?" 

My mumbled affirmative answer was met with a "Oh gee. Thanks, Mom. I love you, Mom. Don't you love Scooby Doo? I love him. I'm just gonna sit right here. Hi Lucy. Hi Kip."

Seven minutes later, while I'm downstairs romancing the Keurig, "COMMERCIALLLLL! MOM - COMMERCIAL." I yell back "JUST WATCH IT!" She yells back, "I DON'T LIKE COMMERCIALS" I yell back, "WHEN I WAS LITTLE WE HAD TO WATCH THE COMMERCIALS." She yells back, "I AM LITTLE NOW AND I DON'T HAVE TO WATCH COMMERCIALS."  Touché, child.

What else? My Little Pony undie request and subsequent meltdown when told the brand-new skivvies needed washing prior to wear. (Result - she's wearing MLPs.) Lucy gummed-beyond-legibility my Kroger list, flipped off the changing sarcophagus, and went through an outfit prior to 8:12. And, I had to wax poetic a from-scratch story during the ten minute drive to Tutor Time. (Telling an original story for ten minutes on the drive to school should be an event in the mom olympics.)

You know. Just another relaxing morning.

p.s. This one's especially for you, Grandma and Papa. To make you smile on a grey day.

Monday, March 24, 2014

D.O.I. - Year Two

Oh, the craziness that is Disney on Ice...

Last year I scored cheapo tickets c/o Travelzoo and whisked Maizey off to the Palace for her first true sensory assault. 
Amazingly, it held her attention. The whole two hours. Rapt.

So, when I heard DOI was returning, I purchased full-priced seats with Will's credit card and began saving my allowance to buy battery-powered light spinners.

 As a child, Bob and Betty would surprise Peter and I with Milwaukee adventures that included these celebrations of excess. Ringling Brothers, Sesame Street Live (once) and Disney on Ice. Not ones to be duped by Disney commercialism, though, we always had sensible seats and shared a popcorn. No light spinners.

Of course, Maizey got third row seats and cotton candy (with mouse-ear hat).
But because I am a Breclaw, we shared a popcorn, and no light spinners.

Maizey, was, however, really great at getting vendors of all sorts to stop by our seats, though: "SPINNERS, SPINNERS, WHO WANTS A SPINNER" was unfailingly answered with "I DO! I DO!"  A Palace-uniformed employee would then bound over only to endure the mother-daughter dialogue: 

Me: "Did you bring your money?"
Maizey: "No."
Me: "Then how are you going to buy a spinner?"
Maizey: silence

Exit Palace employee...

So how was it? Fun. And pretty wackadoodle.

While Maizey's head ping-ponged around, following the 50+ Disney characters enthusiastically shushhing by on skates, I marveled at the performers. I mean, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I want a reality show. Or PBS mini-series circa Big Apple Circus. And what about those Disney-perpetuated stereotypes? I mean, yeesh?! The show was unabashedly, unapologetically mainstream. Minnie visits Japan and meets up with a bunch of fan-wielding Geisha skaters, complete with Geta (flip-flop) simulated skates. In China, Mickey flies kites on the Great Wall. The finale - a Christmas celebration with Santa - I mean "It's everybody's favorite time of year!" (says Mickey.)

But admittedly, when I stopped eye-oogling and mind-boggling all of that stuff, and just watched Maizey's face, I had a great time. 
Girlfriend LOVED it!

And, we had great seats. 

Not to mention the intermission. 
And the cutest little Zamboni, ever.

As you can see,  last year...
ended similarly to this year. 

Next year - dual shot of carseat sleepers.
(Lu hung out with our friends at Tutor Time.)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Farewell Woodsboro

Big news on the Spurgeon side of the family... The Royal Oak family home SOLD - after about half a day on the market. Great news, but a bit anxiety-producing for still-employed-in-Southeast-Michigan-Grandpa Bill. While Lake City will serve as primary domicile, both Bill and Katie envision a part-time residence in the Royal Oak area. And with the house sale charging ahead, the search is on.

We went to the family digs last weekend, with Paul and Colleen, to call "dibs" on any furniture not going to Missaukee. 

Maizey spent the time cruising around with Paul and his phone, singing along to Frozen and Yummy in My Tummy.

Lucy chilled in her car seat and with her grandparents.

Although we knew this was coming, it's emotional. Can you imagine if Bob and Betty sold 1129? I think I'd have a coronary. So please, send happy thoughts for Gram and Gramps regarding their new chapter.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Immobile frustration

Lucy is obsessed with her sister. And her sister's stuff.
And she just can't come to terms with her immobility.


I see a crawler in our (nearer than I'd like) future.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shamrocks and Shenanigans

As I mentioned a few posts ago - there is ALWAYS something to do in Ann Arbor. We source these family friendly excursions from a jackpot of a paper - The Ann Arbor Observer. My aunt (Big MR) has this little gem delivered monthly and attacks it with her neon yellow highlighter. I am proud to report that I (Little MR) have subbed in during her sojourn North, though admittedly am probably highlighting slightly different events.

Last Sunday's nugget? The Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5K, 1K and Kids Dash. Now, you many remember that Will and I (and Maizey) love participating in the Detroit St. Patrick's Day run. (See here and here.) Last year we skipped it - largely due to this. And this year we're realists. The weather forecast for Sunday's Detroit run is a high of 30. We have two kids. One jogging stroller. No place to pre or post-party... so the Patty's Day event last weekend, walking distance from home and featuring a 100 yard kids dash, was just the ticket.

It was Maizey's first race - not something to sniff at being a Spurgeon. 

And, it was FREEZING. 

 While Dad and Maizey took in the course,

 Lu and I tried to stay warm. (Coffee for me, soothie for her.)

 Then it was time to line up for the dash.
There was some hesitation so Dad joined her at the start...

Especially entertaining as there were serious warm-ups,
lead by this suited leprechaun/Darby O'Gill lass. 
(Yes, Lass.) 
Warmed up, or as warm as they were getting...

Then, it was time for the pep talk.  

 On your mark. Get set.

Admittedly, though harboring the Spurgeon enthusiasm for running, she inherited the Breclaw attention for it. Note the sideways glance above. Definitely no eyes on the prize for Miss Maizey. Though I do think she got first in her division (3 and under). No matter she was the only entrant.

What followed were, sadly, a lot of tears. It was COLD. And not wanting to be late, we were way early = long time in frigid temps. Not to mention her after-race nosh: ice cream. Which she insisted on eating. So, no glorious pics of the party, or Will running the 5K, since the ladies and I hightailed it home for cocoa and heat.

Once inside, girlfriend was more than happy to show off her medal.

And I was more than happy to show off my counterparts.

Lovely ladies. 
(And yes. I look tired. I'm exhausted. But happy.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Five months, thirteen days

The longest, shortest time...

Funny thing about these photos?

Lucy is a total ham. She is always smiling, laughing, oogling her sister or Kip. 

  And in many of these, she's Captain Serious. 

Or contemplative.

Though she did some grinning once my assistant Maizey was up from her nap.

 Loving her big sis.

And for those who ask whether she looks like Maizey did:
I'm not sure. What do you think?

As I always say, Lucy is awesome. For the most part she's a smiley, happy baby. Though lately, she gets very frustrated with her immobility. I don't think she'll be a roller/non-crawler for long.

She's constantly grabbing at our food (and plates, napkins, knives, my glasses, Maizey's hair, Kip's tail...) but isn't digging rice cereal or purees, still preferring a boob-only diet.

Last week she aged out of the cradle. Bob and Betty, after returning from their latest adventure, ferried it back to 1129's attic. We are convinced she holds the record for duration, though. Near the end she would "play" the spindles with her hands while kicking her feet. The cradle would swing wildly, sometimes into the wall. Restful, right? She is, however, very unhappy with her new Baby Bjorn travel crib. Lord help us when we're back in Milford and she has to settle into her own room.

Speaking of which - fingers crossed - re-entry in less than one month...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Library, oh library

As we cough, sneeze and nose-blow through our fourth month in Ann Arbor, I thought it would be good to pause and reflect on some of the good this city sojourn has brought. 

For one, there is always something to do. Today's spot? Libraries. Within a 8 minute drive of our house there are four libraries. One, a ten minute walk away. Each has a decent children's section and three of the four offer stellar story hours. In addition, many host weekend events, allowing Will to join us in experiencing Ann Arbor crazy. ("Six square miles surrounded by reality.") Three weekends ago we participated in a library drum circle. Last weekend, a 50-family sing-along. And two weekends ago, family yoga.

Looks fun? Right?