Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Chapter

Today's news...

I'm out, but not down. What's ahead? Freelancing and loving on my ladies.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lucy Mackrel

Lucy. Lulu, Lou, Lemon. And now, Mackrel.
Girlfriend doesn't just roll - she flips. And rolls. And flips. And rolls. 
Of course, she started consistently doing this the day I was at work and Will was home.(January 20 - two days shy of her four month birthday.) Similar to when Maizey walked while I was away selling dog collars at Renegade Chicago.

Remember Maizey rolling

Well Lucy experiences similar frustration when stuck on her tummy.

But, this time big sister (in pajamas and a swimsuit...don't ask...)
is around to help her out.

As Maizey would say, "AMEN!"
(or "ASSIST!")

Monday, January 20, 2014

More Maizey-isms

Yappin, yappin, yappin...

At concert concession stand:
Woman: "Hi there. What's your name?"
Maizey: "Maizey. But you can call me Rapunzel. And HIM (pointing to Will) Eugene."

At breakfast:
Me: "Maizey, what's so funny?"
Maizey (giggling): "Oh nuthin' Mom. Just sumthin' I saw on facebook."

Upon seeing Will without a shirt...
Maizey: "I like your boobs, Dad. But Mom's are bigger."

During dinner:
Maizey: "The witches don't like be because I'm so cute."

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bathing beauty

I. Can't. Believe. How. Fast. Things. Change.

When Lucy was born she HATED baths and being changed.
Now, the bath and changing pad are where she flashes her happiest smiles.

Lovely ladies.

It's only been 3+ months.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Maizey's talent lies in talking. Though not the most coordinated toddler, the girl can talk a blue streak. Not surprising given her roots, but it's worth sharing that her vocabulary and vivid imagination make life in Ann Arbor very entertaining.

Upon seeing Will in his boxer briefs:
"Hey Dad, I like your panties."
When Will and Grandpa Bill were talking about gas mileage:
"Grandpa, you're a yapper. Just yappin'."
When requesting she put away her Playskool farm,
"Mom, I love you. I just don't like you."
While driving in a freezing rain storm:
"Those wipers are making me cuckoo bananas."
Me: "Why are you walking like that?"
Maizey: "Because my legs are just so tired, Mom."
Me: "What do you want to drink with your breakfast?"
Maizey: "Eggnog. Pete likes eggnog. And I like eggnog. So, eggnog."
Her media obsession has led us to live in a home with a "broken" television. Maizey listened patiently as Will explained why a broken tv is a good thing: "...well you can do a lot of other things. You can color, and play puzzles, and have tea parties, and sing songs, and do crafts..." Maizey waited until he was done, then exuberantly suggested,
"Or you can fix it!"

Media obsession case in point - after a couple of movie-fueled journeys to the U.P. she's now uncomfortably into Disney's Tangled. She's Rapunzel, I'm Pascal, Dad's Eugene ("my prince"), Lucy is Rosemary - we have no idea where that came from - and much to her chagrin, Betty is Mother Gothel. It's not uncommon to hear Maizey bellowing, "PASSSSCALLL! EUGEEEEENE!" and refusing to answer if not addressed as Rapunzel. In an Escanaba restaurant, neighboring diners approached Will and asked,
"Is Rapunzel really her name?" Ummm - no.

Never a dull moment.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Three Months, Two Weeks

Highlights? Almost rolling, smiling heaps, starting to develop a nap schedule, going to "school," continually balding and just being awesome.

Love this girl.

And her sassy sister...
Watch for some Maizey-isms later this week.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014

Happy New Year! Though not much of a resolution person, I do have a few goals for 2014. First and foremost? Simplify. I'm going to shorten and prioritize my to-do list. At the top? Family. Then rest. Work will find a place, as will Enlarging Marge. But, I am going to try to lessen looking ahead to the "next" and instead live in the "now." This will probably mean scheduling a time to post Enlarging Marge updates. Most likely weekly, with the occasional bonus thrown in. So, until then - hug your family. That's what I'm going to do.