Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Diary of a Rough Life

Our birthday gift for Papa Bob...a three minute snapshot of six years of retirement travel:

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.”

― Hans Christian Andersen

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

So this guy's comin' over tonight...


A very Merry Christmas to all.

Though I'm on the naughty list for neglecting EnlargingMarge, I'm on the nice list for dedicating that extra time to my family, my health and my passions. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

(Kinda) carving it up in 2014

Anybody who's had the unfortunate experience of being a Maggie cohabitor come late October knows my penchant for pumpkin carving. Street cred? I was into pumpkin carving before they made those patterns. (Full disclosure: I'm into it but I'm not that good. Totally full disclosure: 80% is about the pumpkin seeds.)

This year I pushed a record-breaking pumpkin home from Farmer's Market in our stroller. I scored two free pie pumpkins at the fall festival and participated in the 2-for-1 Kroger deal. Twice. And, Betty gifted me one. Basically, I had no excuse not to carve the shit outta some orange gourds and feed the town of Milford with my delicious Worcestershire Sauce seeds. No excuse except for two littles and an incredibly stressful carving session #1. 

I knew it would be difficult, I mean, I didn't have umpteen hours to plan my design, break out the pottery tools and then, at the end, separate each seed. But, 2011 was good. And 2012 super fun. (I don't really remember carving anything in 2013, but apparently I did. Thank you, blog. And, thank you for giving me a record of Will's awesome hair.) Both produced heaps-o-carved gourds and seeds. But, this: knives, a "let me do it" toddler, goo, an "exploring my world orally" one-year-old, and an obsessive carver do not a happy family make.

So, for the record, we turned out one Maizey-designed, Mom-produced pumpkin and one sad, but delicious, batch of seeds. Which I unabashedly hoarded. At least it was great weather. (Especially nice to remember considering it snowed today.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pre-Halloween Haps

Given the weather on the "real" Halloween, October 31, was a HORRENDOUS Elsa-inspired mess, I'm thrilled we got it together (amazingly) and participated in the Milford Main Street trick-or-treat. 

Though Will's costume wasn't quite as elaborate as years past (here and here), he still got in the spirit, with a little help from Disney on Ice and the cotton candy tchotchke. 
Anna's marvelous togs were provided by Gramma Betty.

Since our real Sven is dog reindeer aggressive, Olaf has to pull the sled.
Thankfully he had some grog in this to-go cup.

And then, my sister wife, Jaclyn, nestor Will, and I took on the grand event.

Ryan's costume was eerily familiar.

 Jack was awarded best supporting role as Farmer.

And once again, we marched down Main and slipped into line at random intervals.

It was fun(ny).

Lucy Anna did some walking crawling.

And, three members of the OG represented.
Mason, Maizey and Jack.

Once she tired of walkcrawling, 
Lu took it all in from the sled.

And Elsa sang a few bars,
though luckily her powers hadn't reached full potential .

After a jaunt to the YMCA, Elsa and Farmer gave Olaf a break 

and ferried Anna home.

Happy Halloween indeed.

(And that day I gave thanks for to-go cups, like-minded neighbors, a husband with a sense of humor, unseasonably warm autumn weather, and hot-n-ready pizzas.)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall follies

My family of four is establishing traditions without even trying. In the last couple of weeks we've attended our third autumn Milford Community Picnic and third closing day at DQ. I remember last year so vividly that I can't believe the photos. Maizey is such a baby. And Lucy?! (Not to mention our first year.)

The horses were back (Maizey was NOT thrilled at having to wait in line to ride, however).

And Lucy had her first mounted equine encounter.

Not quite how she imaged it, I guess?

Bean bags were back.

But this time Lucy was around to annoy Maizey get in the way.

Dad played interference.

And Lu moved on to other endeavors.

Happily, this year we shared the tradition with BFFs Jack, Ryan and Jaclyn. (Otherwise known as Nestor Will's other family - and my sister wife.)

 (that's Ryan peeking through Jaclyn's legs)

After all the dancing, Jack went to get Maizey some juice.
Alone. (Adorbs, right.)

While she warmed up the sack. 

I could spend hours captioning these, if I had hours to spend. But, I don't.
In short: competition master Will was WAY into it. Jack was WAY into Will. Maizey was WAY into Jack. And the crowd was way into the toddlers trying to compete.

(Will's face?)

I don't know who had more fun. Us watching or them running.