Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bovine Birth 101

One of the State Fair's main attractions is the Miracle of Life 4-H exhibit. Admittedly, the ethics of the exhibit make me a little squirmy. A slew of animal mamas, all ready to give birth, hang out together and then labor and deliver in front of gawking humans. But, the mood on the morning we visited was actually calm and subdued, with only a small crowed of gawkers in attendance.

Pig-tailed ones included.
Appropriate considering she was watching this lovely lass deliver her 12th little porkchop.

And these sacks of bones were only a day old.
(I've managed to forget how thin newborns are - reminded me of Maizey's first months and freaked me out a little to think I'll have one of these gems in about 5 weeks. Well, a human sack of bones, at least.)

And, a cow'd just birthed a calf 45 minutes before we arrived.
Sir Winston, to be exact.

And, then there was this...


I think we'll skip the family birth experience when Baby S makes his/her arrival.

And hopefully, the chain gang trio too.

But, ultimately, all was well.
And yes, I shed a tear.

Ethical dilema aside, it was pretty cool,
but also a tad terrifying for soon-to-give-birth me.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fun at the Fair 2013

Our departure date for the trip North was carefully planned to coincide with a U.P. State Fair visit. (Remember last year?) Happily, due to a wild and wacky decision on Will's part, he was able to join us this year. (He bought a one-way ticket to Escanaba and surprised us on Friday night!)

Anyhow... after some serious stroller difficulties,
(example A - why you don't buy a Salvation Army stroller - or at least without truly learning the functionality first)...
 and an increasingly impatient child...

We were off to the Fair.
$8/pp. Little kids free.

First stop? Horse show.
And the uber-boring halter class.

The barns were a bit more fun.

It brought back fond memories.

I unabashedly love the fair. Why? Well, the food is good. The rides can be fun. But, ultimately, it's all about the animals and the farm/4-H culture that surrounds them. I dabbled in it when I showed my horse, Sugar 'n' Spice, as a child. But, nothing like the Beef, Lamb and Hog kids. It's a whole different world - and I am a true voyeur.

We were there the day of the auction - meaning, lots of action. Country kids, dressed in their country finest, hoping to sell the animals they raised from near-infancy. Raised, and bonded with. And are selling for meat. Rather than sadness (which is what a city-kid like me would feel if I was shipping my pet off to be slaughtered), the air crackles with excitement. Well, except for this girl...
She wasn't really crackling. Maybe she was sad. But really, I think she was just hot.

Anyhow... why the excitement? Well, because these kids (8-18 years old) stand to earn between $500-$5000. That's serious cash. And they are ready to educate. And deal.

It was all I could do to keep Will from buying a pig. Honest.
That's a hog spreadsheet in his paws...

After the animals and ice cream, we engaged in some traditional fair fun.

Blackjack lessons. 

Dog jumping.

Petting zoo-ing.

And American Gothic role-playing.

There was one other highlight, but I'll save that for tomorrow...

It was a fab time and what I hope will become an annual tradition.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome Ryan Danielle!

So you know Jack? Maizey's BFF? The kid that is awesome, three weeks older and lives two houses away? He is a big brother!

We are thrilled to welcome his baby sister, Ryan Danielle, into the Aldil Court Clan.

Born Sunday, August 18 at 10:08 a.m., she weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20 inches long.

Maizey is going to have a brand new nufkin nearly next door to practice loving on before she becomes a Big Sis.

P.S. I am especially proud of rockstar Mama Jaclyn, who, without planning to, birthed this babe sans epidural. Can't wait to get the details.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Helllooo, helllooo, hellooo...

In June, friends Carly and Maria, and their all-female broods, introduced us to Detroit duo and kid cult favorite, Gemini. Since then, Maizey has rocked out to their Raffi-like rythyms, particularly fond of The Pizza Song and The Hello Song

Imagine her excitement on Thursday evening, when they brought their show to Milford.

We kicked off the evening with some time in the playground.
Bus driving and whatnot...

But then, Maizey heard the first riffs...
And things got serious. 

Maria, Leah and Ruby were unable to attend but Carly, Avery and Mila joined us for a rockin' picnic,  
and The Hello Song!

She didn't know what to do with herself.

It took a little while to warm up.

But then Jack got there,
and got his shirt off.

Avery started dancing, 
as well as Mila.

And it was on like Donkey Kong.  


As an aside, she did get serious again,
 this time about sharing her Big Wheel ice-cream cookie.

But then saw some awesome sister-sharing,
and bucked up.

It was an awesome night.

P.S. Despite what their website says, like Raffi, I suspect Gemini might be of the vampire-sort. Carly and her sister concur that the duo looked, and sounded, the same 27 years ago when they played local elementary schools. Things that make you go hmmmmmm...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meeting Dr. DeSoto

I have good teeth. They're strong. White, despite my penchant for coffee (yes, even during pregnancy). And straight, thanks to braces and a lingual bar I've had since the age of 10. 

I want Maizey to have good teeth. But her brushing habits have been more along the lines of "let me suck that delicious berry flavored fun paste off my Elmo toothbrush" every night. Not a whole lot of brushing happening.

I called my dentist and they recommended that exams begin around the age of 3, but that I should bring her in for a couple "happy visits" before-hand. Yesterday after work I had a 6 p.m. cleaning, and Will was out of town, so off we went...

To play with the lobby kitchen...
Maizey refused to accompany me when I was called back, so Mindy, the saintly receptionist, said that she could just chill in the lobby. Five minutes later, with the lingual bar scraping having commenced, I heard the all too familiar "Mama? Maaaaama?" followed by the patter of All-Star clad feet... And then the dragging of something heavy and Mindy's voice, "We'll just bring the kitchen back here so you can play while Mommy works."

Ummm - okay.
Ever had a chatty, question-happy hygienist? Well, playing kitchen with a two year old while having your teeth polished? Way more wackadoodle. "Mommy, want a bite?"

Refreshingly though, the plastic ware entertained her sufficiently enough for me to undergo a somewhat thorough (somewhat interrupted) cleaning.
"Watcha doin? What's dis Mama?"

Then, it was her turn to take a spin in the chair.
Not too sure about the light, however.

But, Wilkop's office is prepared...

And, Miss Julie hooked her up with some eye protection.

Though we probably should have asked for suspenders.

Back they went.
 Woo hoo.

This, along with some water and air mouth squirts, was as far as we got. No tooth-counting or mirror-in-the-mouth experiences. 

But, I would say it was a happy visit. 
I mean, a kitchen in the dentist's office? Does it get better than that?