Friday, May 24, 2013

Time flies...

I can't believe a week ago Will and I were headed to celebrate pal Kerri's big day, and Grandma and Grandpa U.P. were in place, waiting to spoil Lady. Time certainly flies when you're busy living it!

In preparation for Grandma's arrival we made some special wrapping paper...
Topless of course. 

Turned out to be quite the masterpiece. 

Once they got here there was baby prep to handle...

Remember the cradle? This time M helped haul it!

And then, dinner prep and presents...

Nothing like books from Bubbe Linda!

After a wonderful wedding...

We traveled home.

Just in time for the Milford Firefighter's Pancake gala,

where Lady housed 3 cakes! 

Followed by a swing at the park.
 Fun, fun, fun!
As M would say, "See ya later!"

p.s. Nose adornment courtesy of B&B.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Half-way there...

Actually, if we go by Miss Maizey's arrival, we are more than half-way to the arrival of Lucky #2. I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going, and how much earlier I am feeling the effects of harboring this little parasite. (Uncle Pete's words, not mine.) Part of this is probably due to my out-of-shape bod, and part due to my already-given-birth bod. My bum is bigger. My shoulders are wider. The girls are busting into a C-cup. I make more trips to the loo than a Detrol user. But, we are very excited (and a little apprehensive) to welcome our new addition.

Since I am WAY behind in posts, I thought I'd answer a few of our Lucky #2 FAQs. Here goes...

Q: What does Maizey think of getting a brother/sister?
A: Maizey thinks it sounds just fine, but I truly doubt she has a clue what she's talking about. She's just too young. She knows when I point at my belly that she's supposed to say "baby" but also likes to poke Will's tum and say the same thing. When asked if she wants a brother or a sister, 90% of the time she answers "brother." (9% sister and 1% brothersister - the latter of which will NOT be happening.) She loves babies, which is heartening, but has also started referring to me as "MY mama" which is a titch worrisome.

Q: When do you find out what you're having?
A: When Lucky #2 is born. Our 18 week ultrasound - the standard "gender-reveal" - has come and gone and we remain in the dark. By choice. During the first pregnancy, nothing felt real. I couldn't connect the fact that my enlarging midsection meant I was housing a person. Finding out Lucky #1 was a girl helped bridge the emotional gap. This time, thanks to Maizey, I don't lack the connection.

Q: Are you giving birth at the ABC?
A: Yes. It is an amazing facility and we feel very fortunate to have it as an option. I did, for a month or two, seriously consider a home birth, but ultimately, think that the ABC is the best of both worlds.

Q: Are you using a doula?
A: Yes. But, this time we are hiring Erin Barnes. We interviewed her the first time around and loved her, but she was fairly new to the business. As first-timers, we wanted someone with more experience.  Deb was a super choice. Now, two years later, Will and I, and Erin, are more experienced and I am very excited she will be joining us in the delivery room. But, hopefully, Deb will be her back-up.

Q: When are you due?
A: Saturday, September 28.

Now that I've wrapped my work in Ann Arbor, posts should be a bit more frequent. No promises though. ;)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Copper and Wool

Happy Seven Years, dear Will. Thank you for being my life partner.

St. Lucia, seven years ago today...

  Let's go back!

p.s. And Grandma Mary... we miss you...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Little Lady Love

In a month, Maizey has become such a little person. Will and I are astounded at the changes we've seen since early April. She has a sense of humor - is giggly and silly. She chatters non-stop. Favorite phrases? "What's up, Mom," "See you later," and "I came back." Not to mention calling anybody with freckles "Polka-dot face."

She loves to sing.
Especially in bed.

Her symmetrical thigh-rolls are nearly extinct, replaced by long, lean legs. She entertains herself for thirty minute intervals outside, shoveling rocks and dumping them into different buckets. She amazes me.

But, more than that, the love I feel for her amazes me. I loved her so much when she was born. And I love her more and more every day. Last weekend was Mother's Day and instead of wanting respite from my bustling toddler, I wanted to spend time with her - a definite departure from last year. It's not that I didn't love her just as much before - we just weren't "friends." Weird, I know, but I honestly feel like this little towhead is my pal. I enjoy her company. Wow.

What else amazes me? The speed in which the last two years have passed. Every parent I know (including check-out-line acquaintances) told me this but I had to learn it myself. I remind myself regularly that there is no rewind. That I need to enjoy this time. Sassy or sweet. But, not to dwell too much. Not too spend too much time "capturing" the moment or reflecting, and by extension missing the real moments that matter.

Another thing Mamas of two (or more) have said? You don't think you can love another child as much as you love the first, but you can. Just as much. And like the first, your love will grow every single day. This comforts me as I fret about how much I have to give...

And, as I wrap up, I'll repeat an adage a dear friend shared when I was struggling with infant Maizey: The days are long but the years are short. Oh so true.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Happy 35th Birthday, Daddy-Husband-Will!

Cheers to your 34th...

And here's to 35 more.