Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gettin' some love...

Okay - so I am a little ashamed at our poor February 14 performance. Our grand plans to make cookies for the tumbling crowd, bake a red velvet cake, and saute something special for Dad fell a tad short. What did we do? Ate the cookies Cindy and Andrew made for the tumbling crowd, picked up some gummy bears at Kroger, and ordered pizza.

Thank goodness Dad was a bit more on the ball, showing his lovlies some loving...

Mom got candy, which I opened.

And a card, which I opened.

And a car detailing certificate, which I read.

Following the trend set by pal Jack at Halloween, I got a singing, dancing, pink-weave-endowed Hamster, which I wasn't sure of at first, but then became enamored with, and has now gone undercover no thanks to Mom.

Happy V-Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Artsy fartsy.

Maizey's Christmas gift from Mom and Dad was an Ikea easel. The chalkboard has gotten quite a bit of use, as has the paper/crayon combo. (I love using it to craft Ed Emberley animals.) Fingerpainting happens less often, but does occur. 

 Non-toxic? Yep!

Painting soon gives way to scooting.

Oh, the fun.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Doctor, doctor...

18 months and awesome. That's me.

Tuesday was my 18 month appointment. I'm 33.5 inches long (95th percentile), 26 pounds, 5 ounces (90th percentile) and my head is 19.5 inches (98th percentile). The doc said I was SMART SMART SMART, due to the fact that I wouldn't stop babbling. (Apparently, stringing words together is a big deal. Who knew? Not mom.) Quite the improvement from last time, when I screamed the duration of the doc's visit.

Mom thinks that was partially due to the inclusion of constant companion, baby doll "Haddie," who was administered each treatment as well. She even got her finger pricked and a flu booster!

Off the chart updates? Besides the fact I love Haddie? I am also a big fan of skyping with Papa and Baba, so their excursion to Belize and Guatemala has been a bit hard on me. I love to sit on the counter and watch mom cook. I play independently for 30-45 minute stretches, mostly putting Hattie, Maizey (the mouse), Ba (the sheep) and Boy (fisher price little person) "night night" - covering them with a blanket, or dish towel procured from the drawer, and pulling it off while pronouncing "Good Morning!", reading my books or playing "choo choo." I also like to demand chocolate milk and cookies ("taushey milsh" and "tooties"). And, since Dad took me to the Milford girl's basketball game last weekend, I also demand "pony" - hence the sprout on the top of my head. My crib is full of stuffed animals. Since January 8th's "Bubble Bath Day" experience, I love taking baths, while requesting "bubbus pease." Last weekend I got my first set of big girl underpants, which I love to wear around my neck.

Basically, like I said, I'm awesome.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Last weekend's lesson? Shame-Game Revenge sucks. After my brag blog about finding the dog show for us to attend, Will's ego took over. Last Sunday he announced we were going to a new zoo. In Ann Arbor. On Jackson Road. All indoors. Of course, I rolled my eyes but played happy mama and helped pack up the munchkin.

On the way there I queried, "So, what is this zoo all about?"

Will's response: "It's mostly reptiles and amphibians."

Immediate. Freak. Out. Amphibians, I'm fine with - remember the peace-frog Prizzie? Reptiles, not so much.

Will follow-up: "It's mostly rescue animals."

Sigh of relief.

Rescue animals wouldn't include a giant pet anaconda, right?

But, I'll go back to the beginning...

Located in a one-story pre-fab sort of building on an industrial-park stretch of Jackson Road, the Great Lake Zoological Society is pretty unassuming.

As were the sweet couple that greeted us.
 Though the lady bird did have some skin issues going on...

Apparently, they just warm you up for the amphibian/reptile portion of the place... 
 Which M loved.

Come to find out, 
Maizey is a museum-exhibit-description-reader, must like her namesake, Great Grandma Mary.

For once, I was happy to be the photographer.

And Maizey spent most of her time loving it.

 Especially these two grand fellows...

 Both a spry 20 years old.

On our way out we were invited into a "meet the animals" presentation. 
Which was honestly, really neat.
For Maizey,
NOT Mom.

 Will was a good great sport though. He shares my serpent phobia but is committed to not passing it on to our daughter. So, in he dove.
Brave man.
 My contribution?
 Not passing out or throwing up.
Smiles from Miss Maizey.

But really, it was a great adventure and probably topped the dog show. Less overwhelming, less expensive and more exotic. Dad better watch out - he's on deck for the upcoming weekends. Not sure how he'll top this!

As an aside, I would highly recommend the "zoo" to area families. Check it out...