Friday, November 30, 2012

Movin' on up

Maizey has been making regular visits to the "twos" room at Childtime for about a week. Part of the transition includes regular, dedicated, lights-out nap-times - a HUGE bonus for the easily distracted, never-napping-at-day-care child that I am raising.
Director Kerry sent this over today...
"Your baby girl is sleeping on a cot for the very first time at Childtime!!!!! Isn't she adorable?"


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yogurt rocker

What I was greeted with upon returning from work last night...
My daughter sitting on the counter, feeding herself yogurt straight from the container, wearing the same thing she had on when I put her in bed the night prior, and with cuckoo-bananas hair.

Bonus fact? Learning Care Group's CEO visited Maizey's Childtime earlier in the day. 
Nice. Great impression. Dad's excuse? It was pajama day.
Ummm. Yeah.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Papa! (by Maizey)

Not Dada. Papa. Grandpa. 

We had a swell time last week.

He taught me the finer points of wood hauling...
(Namely, don't drop it on your toes.)

And shoveling...
(Not so keen on the white stuff. Or maybe my expression is due to the fact I am sans coat.)


(Elmo, elmo, elmo, elmo...)


(Or not wearing.)

And even backwards dressing/Trenary Toast eating...
(When it was his turn to put my pants on.)

Silly Papa. I love you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You are what you eat...

Gobble gobble.

Escanaba was fab. Thanksgiving was delish. Here's how the day went (according to Maizey.)

I slapped the bird. 

 Orchestrated Papa's cooking.

Watched dad wake up,
And then keep Mom company in the kitchen.
(Eyes O-P-E-N please, Dada.)

Mama was in charge of the stuffing (and chose to add sausage).

And the gobbler (but Papa took care of the brining).

Pete and Gram were on second shift.

While I slept (see monitor - to the right of Mr. American Indian).

When I awoke, the table was set and we got down to business.
(After a beach walk - pics to come.)

"What, no wine in my sippy? Sham."

But, I really enjoyed dinner. Though I ate most of the meal in the kitchen while I helped Grandpa (Papa) carve the bird. Favorites? Stuffing and white meat poultry. 

In two years we'll work on the family photo.

So much to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Today we'll eat delicious food. Enjoy family. And give thanks. Life is good.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grove Street Mini

With the then impending arrivals of Babies Dilworth and Kruschka, the Grove Street contingent opted to forgo our annual football-themed reunion. (Remember last year?) But, gracious new-home-dwellers Linda and Andy (and Willa and Everett) invited us to a mini gathering last weekend. Even Baby Dilworth (Abriella) and Mama (Jen) were able to make the trip from Grand Rapids! There were babes, beers, bloodies, bubbles and even some football. In that order.

Hands-free, beer-toting mama.

And then, bubbles.

(Though all the babes had trouble figuring out which end to blow.)

Our hosts.
 Andy and Willa.

 Linda and Everett.

 Abriella had some snoozing to do.

 And Andy practiced his baby whispering, readying himself for no. 3?

The dads had their hands full while the moms caught up.

And I realized we need to work on M's guest-appropriate behavior.
 Lesson #1: Keep your pants on. #2: Don't sit (pantless) on the prep table.

I think Everett would agree.
Not amused... 

But like I promised,
yes, there was football.

more babes.

p.s. We missed you, Kerri, Sue and Karyn!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

A woman's work...

Although I did exhale a post-November 6 collective sigh of relief, secure in the knowledge that the country's current 4-year leader will not wage a war on women's rights, I am a little anxious about my daughter's future rights. So, I decided to get down to business and teach her some invaluable life skills.

Especially as a dog (that sheds) owner.

And what can I say - she's gifted.
Self-starting the behind the back Swiffer move? Check.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

6+ Month Maizey Musts

1.) Phil & Ted’s metoo portable high chair: Though not a perfect fit for all tables, this was a lifesaver between 6-12 months, when Maizey was still somewhat behaved in restaurants. 2.) Happy Baby Food Organic Puffs: Maizey’s first finger food. They dissolve faster than cherrios, quelling my choking fears, taste pretty good, and are organic. 3.) RaZ-Berry Teether: Along with Infant Must Sophie, this little pacifier-looking thing was fab while Maizey’s first teeth were emerging. 4.) Playtex Lil’ Gripper Straw Cup: Another mother clued me in to the fact that kids sometimes have a hard time learning to drink from a straw – and to nip the problem in the bud by starting with a straw sippy cup. We did and love it. 5.) Keekaroo Height Right Kids Chair (with infant insert and tray): Though we registered for the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair, the experts over at Elephant Ears urged us to purchase the Keekaroo instead. It’s less expensive than the tripp trapp, the infant seat is softer, and it has an optional tray.  We love it. It’s attractive and will grow with her. 6.) Egg Shakers: Library Story Time clued us in to these wonders. Perfect for tiny hands and sore gums, Maizey has been shaking these eggs since she was 6 months old. 7.) Charley Harper Nesting Blocks: A gift from now new-mom Jen, this beautiful set of ten nesting blocks is a go-to toy. Maizey loves them, they look nice in the living room and are compact. When stacked, the blocks stand three feet high; but they are six inches square when nested. 8.) Organic Fruit and Veggie Pouches: Though the photo is of the Peter Rabbit brand, any type of pouch will do. (For us, typically whatever is available at Escanaba’s liquidators.) When Maizey was first starting solids I’d squeeze them into a spoon and feed her. Now, I just hand her the pouch and she feeds herself. They’re especially handy when she refuses to eat fruits and veggies. I had all intentions of making her baby food, and sometimes did, but these are great fall-backs. (And, I love using them to sweeten/flavor my plain greek yogurt!) 9.) Mum-Mums: Though for budget purposes we now fall back on Mr. Graham Cracker, Mum-Mums were a fabulous first food. Like puffs, they dissolve quickly (no choking fears) and are super tidy – no crumbs or face-remnants. Individually wrapped and not at all messy. (And, formerly available at the liquidators.) 10.) Triple Paste:  Sadly, our noble attempt at cloth diapering was thwarted by a sensitive bottom. Not only do Maizey’s lady parts require the wicking action of disposable diapers, she needs the extra protection of this fab (NOT cloth friendly) cream. It’s thick but doesn’t smell or stain. And, it helps with the meanest of rashes. 11.) Moo: Though Girlfriend has shelves of books this was the first she actually paid attention to, attributable (IMO) to the clear photos, actions and cadence when read. We’ve had to purchase a second book (there was an incident during a non-supervised reading session), but luckily, it’s reasonably priced. In fact, we now own quite a few Matthew Van Fleet books. (Thanks, Aunt Bonnie!) Coming in a close second – BabyLit books. But, maybe it’s just because I love the artwork… 12.) Room darkening shades:  A nap-time life-saver. Though cellular blinds didn’t fit with my pre-baby decorating scheme, once Maizey moved to her own room, I quickly learned of their necessity. Love them. Baby won’t sleep in a light room? Get these. They work and aren’t too ugly. 13.) Livie and Luca shoes: Maizey’s first pair of big girl shoes. These are the vegan “kiku” model but were only purchased because they were on sale. She has heaps of other shoes, but these are still my go-to. They fit well, aren’t clunky and have a very flexible rubber sole. And, are adorable. 14.) Giddy Giddy hair clips: Though I swore I wouldn’t, around six months I started bristling when people referred to “she” as “he.” These lovelies help tremendously. I purchased the first clip at a Chicago boutique but have since placed multiple orders and convinced Grandma Betty to make them. Much trimmer than alligator clips.

Other loves that didn’t make the list? Mini-Boden, the children’s line of North Face gear, our Recaro carseat, and of course, Mr. Graham Cracker

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bath time

Post-family photoshoot, Will's behind the lens. (I think the in-the-leaf-pile-posing got to him. He wants to avoid having to do that again so will satiate my need for Mom+Maizey photos by actually snapping some.)

First subject (after the birthday shots)? Bath time.



Pretty good for a first-timer! Can't wait to see - and pose for - more.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birthday thank yous

I had a wonderful birthday. Well, it was pretty good. Not the best ever. Could have made some tweaks. But overall, it was decent. And started off wonderfully with cards, gifts and banana bread.


 Lady even got some moustache jammies for Movember.

 And I was bestowed my Great Aunt Cee's vintage bracelet.

 Which Maizey loved.


Thanks, all!