Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Prep

Happy Halloween!

Lady and I took full advantage of last week's Indian Summer to engage in Halloween prep, complete with an outdoor pumpkin carving party. Unlike last year, she was able to fully participate. And took the job very seriously.

Like her mom.

Once complete, however, she was pleased with the results.

Nice, right? 

And did we mention the spider attack that took place on our front porch?
Will loves it.

After all the hard pumpkin carving work, we took a break for some leafy fun. Minus the scratchy sweater.

Tasty leaves. 

 Even Kip got into the mix.

Good thing we hopped on the opportunity, since the fallout from Superstorm Sandy really threatens to cramp our spooky style.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Go Long

Not last weekend, but the weekend prior (geez am I behind...), we took advantage of THE most amazing autumn day and hit up Long's Family Farm and Cider Mill.

Full disclosure: Okay - so, growing up in the U.P., we never really did the cider mill thing - a troll tradition akin to Santa on Christmas. And, until now I've managed to forgo cider mill initiation. I don't like cider. I don't find farms all that titilating. I don't get a thrill from riding on a pokey hay bale, in a rattle-trap trailer, behind a noisy John Deere, to pluck a gourd from a muddy field. And I certainly don't need to pay to do any of these things. So, until now, I've dodged cider mills. But, my daughter is a native troll. And, trolls do cider mills. So, add it to the list of loathed things this parent will do for her child.

I admit, however, that Long's website was especially enticing. The freaky spring weather meant there were no apples to pick in the orchard (score!). And they had this giant inflatable pillow bouncy thing. And a slide. And a pumpkin cannon.

Soooooo - we joined the masses for a romp at Long's.

You've undoubtedly noticed the best supporting actor in our photos of late.
Mr. Graham Cracker. Won't go anywhere without him. Classy.

Lost it's luster pretty quick. For her. Not me.

Mr. Graham Cracker in hand, of course.

 Pumpkin cannon fabulous.
 How far does it shoot? Quarter-mile.

 I think Grandpa Bob has a new retirement project to think about...

 If not for himself, for her.

Slide? Not so much.

Despite my trepidation, I was glad we went. It was a beautiful day with my wonderful family.

(And I won't lie - that pillow thing was hella-cool.)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cotton candy sweet to go...

...let me see that pumpkin roll...

Saturday was the neighbor's annual Pumpkin Roll. Invite went like this:

We invite everyone to dress up for a pre-Halloween bash!!

Remember to bring a small to medium sized pumpkin to race (decorated if you wish). If it can not fit in a 5 gallon bucket it will not be able to race. Also, we are going to beef up our scarecrow zip line to make sure it will stay intact, so bring your scarecrow and LET IT RIP!!!

Hope to see you all there!

Although the big game conflicted with the party, we'd missed the past two years and felt we needed to rally the troops to attend.

Including Mickey.

And Mickey's mom.

And Kari too.

We weren't disappointed.
Food and fun.

Our kids harassed other kids.

Other kids harassed our kids.

Jack even let Maizey take the ears for a spin.

Though he probably should have lent her the knickers instead.

We ran into a pumpkin roll snafu.
Resulting in disqualification. Bummer.

Luckily Elvira was there with a child-friendly activity. 
Gathering blood viles hidden around the property. For her to drink.

And grown-ups in silly costumes.
Like us in our Spartan wear,

like male packages,

and politically incorrect sheikhs.

After the dads went for a "Father of the Year" roll in the leaves, 

We headed home.
 There was a game to watch.

 And serious conversations to have...
"Did you see that guy in the turban? What did he think this was? Halloween 1982?"