Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Talk about an awesome first birthday... I may have to spend it in Escanaba every year!

  We went to the beach,

where I built castles

and scaled beach chairs.

 At home I entertained tired adults.

And later, opened fuzzy cards...

...and one with Benjamin Franklin inside. (Thanks, Heminger aunties!)

 We did some swinging.

 And after ham and scalloped potatoes (which I devoured),
I got my very own birthday cookie.

 With a candle.


 Happy parents. Happy me. 

It was a fitting celebration of a fabulous first year.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Maizey!

Today, on Maizey's first birthday, I planned to post a retrospective of the last year.
Change of plans.
Instead I am going to walk away from the computer and belly-laugh with my babbling, bubbling 12-month-old babe as she enjoys her Elmo birthday balloon. Later we'll go to the Escanaba Beach and swim in Lake Michigan. And tonight we'll toast her with Oberon and share grass-fed-beef-burgers from Farmer's Market.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl.

(I just reread her birth story. Tears. It was pretty incredible. You can read it here.)

Friday, July 27, 2012

One year ago today...

Atypically, I went to the office on a Wednesday. We were having a goodbye lunch for Patti McParlane and I wanted to be there. I was ravenous and ate two servings of mostaccioli. We talked about the baby and I repeated what had become my go-to phrase: "It could happen tomorrow or it could be a month."

I left work at 5 and hurried home. Kerri was coming from Pewamo for dinner. We met at 505 and drove down to Milford House - not because I didn't want to walk, but because it was sprinkling. Will was golfing so he met us there. We ate outside, under the veranda. I repeated my go-to phrase...

We got home around 9:30 and I went to bed. There was a thunderstorm. At 11:42 my water broke. 

One year later, my July 27 will be quite different. I'll do laundry (a near-daily activity) and fold teeny tiny shorts and footed pajamas. I'll go upstairs, walk into my former office, raise the blackout blinds and greet a smiling, babbling towhead who will be standing in her crib. I'll change her diaper. We'll read a book. She'll take off crawling down the hall. I'll sweep her into my arms and carry her downstairs for breakfast. While I fry her an egg we'll chat about the days activities and she'll munch on some cherrios. Then we'll go outside and take a walk around the yard. We'll go back inside and while she sits in her Adirondack chair in the kitchen, I'll do the dishes. Then we'll build a block tower and roll her globe back and forth across the floor. I'll go back in the kitchen for coffee and she'll cry and crawl after me, sitting with her arms outstretched. I'll prop her on my hip and try to pour a cup. Two hours after she wakes, we'll go back upstairs. She'll cry when she realizes it's nap time, then settle in to nurse. Ten minutes later, she'll be in her crib and I'll begin a frantic "Pack for Escanaba" exercise.

I'll pack my clothes. Will's clothes. And Maizey's little clothes. The dog's food and leash. Golf clubs. A stroller. A light-up, singing walking toy. Beach towels. Plastic beach toys. Sippy cups. A breast pump. My cameras. Board books. Graham crackers. A diaper bag. And eventually, I'll strategically put it all in the Jeep. Most likely during nap #2.

Yes, July 27, 2012 will be quite different than July 27, 2011. Busier. Not necessarily better. But undoubtedly fuller, for my days and my heart are richer since Little Lady made her entrance.

And tomorrow, we'll celebrate year one.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Going, going, going

Put your feet up, Mom. I have things to do with Gram.
Like walk the Costco parking lot.

Prop up the umbrella.

And practice for my upcoming birthday obstacle course.

(p.s. For those not keeping track, I turn ONE on Saturday.)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stuff, stuff, stuff

With Grandma around Mom and Dad were able to tackle the basement/garage. Now that the basement refurb is complete it's time to move everything from the garage back downstairs. Well, not everything. And that's where Gram came in. 

 She kept me entertained while Mom and Dad sorted stuff.

 Kip helped too.

 There were piles everywhere.

 And Dad had a hard time letting go of his old Shrine memorabilia.

 Especially after he saw me in it. So, he didn't. (Get rid of it, that is.)

Mom, on the other hand, held onto some much more practical items.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Peas please

I know, I know... I've been gone for a week. But we've been busy, busy. Gram came to visit on Wednesday (and left yesterday *tear*) so Mom could get some computer work done and spend time organizing the new basement.

One of the best parts of Grandma Betty visits is all the time we spend outside.
You wouldn't think by looking at it, but Mom's garden is under-producing this year.

However, with Gram's help we managed to find a pea pod.

Which she let me pick.

And eat.

And show mom how much I liked it.

Tomatoes though? I'll give those to Kip.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Saturday was Maizey's first birthday party. Beach theme. Pretty amazing.

 Party favor gift buckets...

 Beach themed utensil holders...

 Watermelon shark and flip flop cookies...

 Ice cream cart...

 See the pools? One was filled with live goldfish. Well, most were alive...

 Maizey and Dad soaked in the lake.

 And the non-goldfish pool.

 Jack's "smash cupcake."

 A beach ball...

 That Cassius enjoyed more than the birthday boy.

Great times - but unfortunately, in this pic, Jack would disagree.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The more things change...

Last Saturday we attended a bbq at the Goodcourage residence. The first time I met most of these (adult) folks was at Bill and Jenny's engagement/house-warming party. Seven or eight short years later, we gathered at their new abode. There was still a keg on ice, but man-o-man have times changed.

Meet Shrine offspring...

Scary, right?

Some things never change, though.
Billy provided the entertainment.

While James...
 ...told stories.

Will stayed out of the fray, 
 but Maizey was engaged (with graham in hand).

We eventually brought it inside,
 like old times.

But unlike old times, it was still light out.
 And instead of beer pong, we watched The Muppets.