Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!!

On Saturday, I joined Jack, Jaclyn and friends for Milford's Boo Bash. All six babies were under 8 months. It was a real stroller party. Oh what a difference a year makes.

This is me before whiskers.

And after. Dad decided I need some embellishments.

A family shot...

And Team Baby.

I wasn't so sure about my new friend Samuel though. He was kinda grabby. And his get-up tricked me out. What was that anyhow? A frog with spikes? A dinosaur? Puff?

It was very fun. So fun that I had to rest for half the party.

I'm sure Mom will take more pics today - so stay tuned.
(And a HUGE thanks to Jamie Kate for my puppy hat!)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three months of love

Friday, October 28 was Maizey's three month birthday.

At dinner, Will and I reflected on how swiftly the last three months have passed. Yet, when we talked about the week she was born, what we were doing - our plans to golf, cook ribs and shop for strollers - it seems like a lifetime ago. And really, it was. Her lifetime ago.

We love her so much and though "kids kick your ass" and "parenthood is a real struggle," neither of us would go back. Our life is so much richer.

Thanks, Maizey. For making your parents better people, and life oh so meaningful.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

True mystery novel

As I mentioned yesterday, I have two new BFFs. Here is the video that I promised yesterday, of second-cousin Maeve waxing poetic. I was rapt. Not to mention, the story was a nail-biter.

Or as Maeve's mom, Molly, says in the video, "it's truly a mystery novel."

I love my cousins. (And as an aside, Mom loves her cousins too, especially Molly, her BFF.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family fun house

I spent last weekend with my second cousins, Maeve and Walter. Mom was so happy to introduce me to my extended family! She is excited for future gatherings and introducing the new generation to the Colorado Whine (family joke).

We took a lot of photos, but Mom is having a hard time posting them since she's back to work - and I'm doing some pre-teething fussing. (Diagnosed today during Mom's teeth cleaning. Dr. Wilkop, the dentist, held me and declared me a soon-to-be-toothed girl. Mom thinks it was wishful thinking on her part. We shall see!) Anyhow, here is a video of me and one of my new BFFs.

Walter (who rocked and rolled - much to my chagrin)...

Maeve (who was a great big cousin/sister/story reader) is also a new BFF but Mom can't put two videos in one blog post, so here is a still. Video to come...

Stay tuned. Tomorrow is my 3 month birthday, so they'll be Sticky Bellies pics from that (Mom's coworker owns the company), and more from my weekend in the Great White North.

Friday, October 21, 2011

First day

Yesterday was my first day at Childtime and Mom's first day back to work. Guess what. We both survived. And Mom thinks that eventually, we'll both thrive from this 2 day a week separation. I get to hang out with new people and other babies. She gets to hang out with non-diaper-wearers and use her brain for adult stuff.

I must admit though, the early start stuff is for the birds.
I say, leave the worm. I'll have a boob.

But once I got cuddled in Dad's car seat, I was much happier.
He's the one who took me to Childtime.

Pretty sweet pair, right?

When I got there, they welcomed me.
With a sign. And smiles.

Here's the team and my room - Infant A.
Where I'll spend Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It's right down the road from Dad's office so he came to see me at lunch. It was great. I think I'm going to like this arrangement. Phew!

And now we're off to Escanaba to meet my second cousins - Maeve and Walter. WOO HOO!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween prep

Mom's still not sure what I'm going to be for Halloween, but in the meantime she's testing out some of my spooky gear.

My pumpkin hat from Karyn and Char has been a hit with the ladies at the YMCA.

Dad prefers my skeleton jammies from Grandma Betty. (P.S. They glow in the dark. And yes - he knows he should retire the sweatshirt after last weekend.)

All the wardrobe changes make me sleepy.

So I do what I do second best. Nap.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Resting up

Tomorrow is a big day for Mom and me. Our first full day apart. She's back to work. I'm off to Childtime. Wish us luck.

While she packs for us, Dad, Owen and I rested.
Helpful. No?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sparty On

Big weekend! On Friday, Mom, Dad and I traveled to Lansing for Mom's annual Grove Street get-together. Mom couldn't get over how times have changed. In attendance Friday night - Karyn and Charlie, Kerri, Jen, Sue, Andy, Linda, Everett and Willa - and Andy's two brothers. 12 people spent the night. Four were under the age of 3. It was a busy house!

It was the first time I met . . .

Auntie Sue

Auntie Jen

Andy and Everett,

And Charlie.

Who blew me kisses.

And who I watched have breakfast in a big-boy high chair.

On Saturday morning, the "no kids" crew - Jen, Kerri and Sue - headed out at 7 a.m. to secure a tailgating spot. As a reward, they were featured in the Detroit News online slideshow. (Wearing the hats mom gave them as shower thank you gifts.)

We showed up a few hours later. Me in the green and white Grandpa Bob secured at the shower.

 Dad wore a silly hat.

 As did Mom.

And Everett enjoyed Mom's Bloody Mary.

 Stir stick.

We lasted about 2 hours, then headed back to the house to watch the game.

 The dad's were in charge. 

A win for the Spartans. 

 And then we rested.

It was a good time.
And I can't wait for next year.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bathing beauty

Today we're heading to East Lansing for the annual Grove Street Reunion. Because I'll be meeting potential suitors Everett and Charlie, Mom wanted me looking fancy, so she tossed me in the tub.

As usual, I loved it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maizey - LIVE

I am happy to report that I am finally starting to recover from those horrible shots. Mom took a video last night to prove it. Enjoy. (And please ignore her high-pitched Mom voice.)



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deck time

Last week Mom and I had to hang out on the deck all day while Annette cleaned the house. Lucky for us it was unseasonably warm.

 I practiced my sharing with brother Kip. 

And chilled in my chair from Great Uncle Ozzy/Bill.

Monday, October 10, 2011


It was a busy weekend. And beautiful! 80 degrees and sunny. What a life!

On Friday, I went to my second ever parade. Milford Homecoming.

We were a tad late but we had to stop by to see my friend Jack.

He and I were in the middle of wagering on the Queen when this was taken.
Serious stuff, you know...

On Saturday, I helped Dad plant irises. 
We had to stop for a snack. I'm practicing my bottle eating. In less than two weeks, Mom goes back to work and I'll be taking some 12 squares via silicone teat.

And on Sunday, Mom and Dad took me to Detroit. To the Tashmoo Biergarten to be exact. 

We had beer.

A fancy bacon brat.

And more beer.


Saturday, October 8, 2011


Eat 'em up Tigers...

Eat 'em up.

p.s. Happy Pierogi Day!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Giggles with Gram

After Wednesday's traumatic event, I thought I would stop to focus on the past. Back when things were good. When people in this house loved me and played with me and didn't take me to get shot full of diseases. (I know, I know - I'm saving the world one shot at a time. But I say, let another baby be the hero!) Anyhow, let's reflect on last week. When Grandma Betty was here and life was good.

She baked me a birthday cake. I know, Dad looks crazy. But Mom and I look good so we'll include the shot. Priorities, you know.

She brought me this crazy toy and set me up for kicking practice.
Watch out, homecoming queen kicking girl!

She set me up in my big girl chair and we talked social security.

She babysat me while Mom and Dad golfed, then brought me for my first visit to "The Club."

She held me a lot.

Let me practice my Cat Woman (care of Karyn) moves on her bed.

Was patient when brother Owen joined our sleepover.

Took me for a walk in my pickle hat, which she made.

Yawned with me after the stroll.

Bounced me to sleep.

Taught me to suck my thumb. (Mom and Dad are happy...for now. They'll worry about the orthodontist bills later.)

And I helped her pick up black walnuts. Well, to be honest, I supervised from the under-the-table-safe-spot. Heads-up!

Like I said, life was good.

p.s. Hope you had a good birthday, yesterday, Gram!